Criminal defense is unlike any other area of practice. Cases are not just about money or inconvenience. In a criminal case, particularly one involving serious allegations, everything is on the line. A guilty verdict can result in years, decades, or even life in prison. This is not time for guesswork and assumptions.

The Method—broken down into the Six Step Process–is designed to optimize and formalize criminal defense and trial preparation. When we are involved from the beginning, the defense team can rest assured that strengths, weaknesses, and unknown variables are identified and incorporated into the case.

In sum, we can best serve the client and the case when we can participate and consult from the beginning. The complete Six Step Process maximizes the odds of trial success and ensures that the defense strategy is sound and premised upon proper foundations. When it is time for trial, the trial attorneys, the client, and the case will be as prepared as possible for the defense. Nothing will be left to chance.

We are here to help at all levels, from limited or complete consultation to co-counsel relationship or even full representation. Our intent is not to take over a case. Our intent is to maximize the effectiveness of criminal defense representation.