6. Final Trial Preparation

We spent 90% of our time and energy getting to this point. Now is the time to implement. Criminal Defense Consultants can assist in preparing the nuts and bolts of the trial, from our first interaction with the jury to the last word of closing argument. All parts are essential–voir dire, open, cross-examinations, direct-examinations, and closing argument. We can employ years of experience to assist in finding the best approach for each phase, down to our clothing, demeanor, and behavior.

We will offer insight into known methods that work, incorporating content we have learned from The Method. We can help organize jury consultants, a true mock trial experience, or even acting coaches to help prepare clients, attorneys, and witnesses.

Then, when it’s time for trial, we are happy to stick around and offer real-time insight. We can be there in the background, with full knowledge of the case, to help deal with the last-minute surprises that always seem to hit just when we are sure it is all figured out.

Our job is done when we share the elation of the two-word jury verdict. Not Guilty!

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