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Custom Consultation Packages

We can work with defense attorneys to assist in all levels of trial preparation.

Complete Criminal Case Consultation

We can best serve the client and the case when we can participate and consult from the beginning.

Focus Groups

The Focus Group is the single step that should never be skipped.

Trial Prep & Focus Group

Why Case Review & Consultation?

We have all been there. The case is done, closing arguments over, and we are waiting on a verdict. Our job is essentially done. All that’s left is the waiting.

Case Review & Consultation

The Method


Initial Review: First Consultation

The idea is to determine what must be done immediately, at the earliest possible opportunity (before discovery, before charges if possible). Guide investigations, public records requests, and client/family participation.

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Interim Review: Discovery and Investigative Review

After charges, the initial discovery process begins. In this step we review status of defense investigation and provide insight into what specific discovery to request (scientific) beyond the basic response. Don’t settle for “what they always give you.”

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Strategic Consultation

This is where layout all the information we have so far and begin to identify theories and themes for the trial. We help resist the urge to settle on any final decisions. That comes later. Here we only identify possible themes, strategies, and theories that may be viable at trial. Like the scientific method, we formulate a hypothesis (or a series of them) that we will test in the next step. All we know is “what we don’t know for sure.”

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Focus Group

This is where it all starts to make sense. The confusion unravels as we test all the theories and hypotheses developed so far. But be prepared to check your ego at the door. The Focus Group is unforgiving. It lays bare all our biases and shows us the path to victory.

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Post-Focus Group Strategy Consultation

The Focus Group may have confirmed what we thought, it may have taken us in a whole new direction, or it may be something in between. This is where we make sense of the results and finalize our trial strategy.

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Final Trial Preparation

Now it’s time to implement everything we have learned in the previous steps. Watch with amazement as the pieces of voir dire, open, cross-examinations, direct-examinations fall into place. We know the trial attorney has the experience and ability. Now it’s time to focus and channel the years of experience. We are not done until the verdict is in. Not Guilty.

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