Maximize your odds of trial success from the very beginning.

Leverage The Method™ to craft a winning trial strategy.

There is no room to be wrong.

By engaging early in the process, and working through each of the 6 phases of The Method™, nothing will be left to chance.

  • Clarify the issues and defense investigation with an initial consultation.
  • Rethink discovery to ensure what you always get is everything you should get, and uncover anything you didn’t know you could get.
  • Eliminate confirmation bias by identifying all theories, themes, strategies, and questions then putting them to the test, quite literally.
  • Challenge your strategy by presenting information to ‘the jury’ to uncover gaps and biases.
  • Rework old theories and incorporate new ideas using information gained from the Focus Group.
  • Dig into the nuts and bolts of trial preparation from clothing choices to closing arguments.