The proven, scientific method for building winning courtroom strategies developed by criminal defense trial attorneys for criminal defense trial attorneys.

The Method™ is a 6- step process that vests the trial attorney with unprecedented preparation and confidence that the winning strategy is at hand.

There is no room to be wrong.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

There’s much to do in the early stages of a trial. Starting with an initial consultation at the beginning of criminal representation, we empower the lead attorney to focus on the most crucial matters.

  • Ensure your case starts
    off on the right track
  • Know what’s there, what’s
    needed, and what’s possible
  • Guide the defense

Step 2: Interim Review

When it comes to reviewing the state’s discovery, it’s easy to default to “the way it’s always done.” It’s not good enough to accept “what we always get.”

  • Realize and uncover unique discovery issues for your case.
  • Gain unique insight into scientific, psychological, impeachment, and other types of discovery that may be available if specifically requested.
  • Craft the legal basis
    for demanding more

Step 3: Strategic Consultation

This is the “hypothesis” phase of The Method™, where we prepare and lay the groundwork for the “experiment” phase. This is preparation for the Focus Group—the single most important phase in The Method™.

  • Prevent tunnel vision.
  • Identify all possible theories, themes, strategies, and questions.
  • Prepare for the
    Focus Group.

Step 4: The Focus Group

This is where the magic happens.

  • Read the minds of the jury in a laboratory setting that mimics the flow of each piece of information starting when the jury first hears the charges read aloud by the judge.
  • Isolate and test theories in a flow.
  • Confront and expose
    all biases.

Step 5: Post Focus Group Strategy Consultation

This is where the fun begins. We carefully review what we learned, good and bad.
  • Get in the right mindset.
  • Know the case like never before.
  • Emerge with a preparedness and confidence you’ve never experienced.

Step 6: Final Trial Preparation

It’s time to implement. The devil is in the details.

  • Gain insights into methods that work.
  • Deploy jury consultants, mock trials, and acting coaches as needed.
  • Gain real time insight and support through the trial until we celebrate the verdict of ‘Not Guilty!’

Download your copy of The Method™ framework for building a winning courtroom strategy for every case.

The Method™ 6 Steps To a Winning Courtroom Strategy for Criminal Defense