1. Initial Review: First Consultation

The initial consultation is typically the beginning of criminal representation, and the Method works best when we can be involved at this stage.

There is a lot to do in these early stages. Often the lead attorney is occupied with other essential matters–bond hearings, interaction with prosecutors and police, and general business-related issues. While occupied on these essentials, it is easy to lose focus on the broader issues that will become crucial at the later stages.

Criminal Defense Consultants can make sure the case starts off on the right track. We can help guide the defense investigation. We can identify what information is out there, what is needed, and what is possible. We can offer insight into public and private record requests, possible expert and lay witnesses, timelines, and generally identify early themes to explore.

We can make sure that the trial team makes use of this valuable time, allowing the lead attorney to focus on other crucial matters.

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